You have chosen to start a career in Powered Paragliding and our instructors will make sure you
get the necessary skill and licence requirements to fly safely for the long foreseeable future.
Nirvana Africa as a company has worked tirelessly to design a product combination AND basic
license curriculum that decreased the incident rate from 45% (2012) to less than 5% (2020) **
Here are the options to choose from:

1. Basic license with Rental equipment:

Most aspiring pilots have little to no gear when they decide to start their license. We
always advise that pilots should try order a glider to their exact weight category as it will
affect the flight experience. This being said, we offer a few sizes in the ultimate beginner
glider, the Dudek Universal. The powered units that you can use during your course will
be a combination of the Nirvana Instinct 230 and the Nirvana Ranger 230. All these units
are available for purchase second hand with full warranty.
Pricing: We charge R22 500 per student on a rental gear option.
Terms and Conditions: Costing on replacement parts in the event of a mishap.
When something is broken the client will have to replace the parts at normal retail
pricing. The training gear remains with the instructor and is serviced/checked before
each training session and training only commences when the instructor signs out the
equipment to the student.
Continuation of training in the case of a mishap is subject to replacement of parts.

**(pilots with mishaps that require spare parts within the first 12 months of

2. Basic License on own gear:

Pilots that have purchased their own gear from Nirvana Africa can receive a discounted
rate on training.
Pricing: For this option we charge R15 000 per student
Terms and Conditions: The average training time takes about 10 days. This can be
over an extended period or on a recommended continuous period. The training course
has to be completed within a 3 month period or the student will be subject to a renewal
charge covering SAHPA student status re-registration and instructor time. If the student
passes 3 months completion period the student will be charged an additional instructors
fee of R4500. It is the responsibility of both the instructor and the student to ensure
availability of both parties for training.
Our instructors cannot guarantee that your training will be conducted within the
average training time and EVEN LESS SO if the client’s own equipment is not of the same
specification as provided by the company. If a client struggles to train on his own gear
the instructor cannot be held liable for slow training times.
Please not that our instructors will NOT training you if your glider is a EN-C intermediate
or advanced glider. The risk is too high for an incident.
As a matter of procedure the instructor will ask you to send through a picture of the
wing certificate to ensure compliance with regulation in South Africa. Students are not
to train on gliders outside of their weight category or outside of their experience category as a matter of Nirvana Africa policy.
Training fees are paid ahead of the course commencement date and fees are non-refundable.
What you get as part of your license:
Over the training period, you instructor will ensure the student will gain the following skills:
• Effective ground handling – reserve launch for strong wind and forward launch for
no/light wind
• Rotation, flight and landing efficiency,
• Theory course required for the exam,
• Real world radio communication practice,
• Expansion into XC curriculum in order to prepare you for long range flying. This part of
the course includes information on range calculation, route planning and general
mathematics required by all XC racing pilots.
• 35 take-offs and landings as required by the SAHPA license requirements.
• Registration as a Basic PPG student pilot with SAHPA

• All administration required to get license authenticated with SAHPA
• Logbook
• Learning material.
• Radio license is not included in the course fee but your instructor will assist in making a
booking with presenters of these radio license courses. This takes 1 day to complete and
is not included in the average 10 day training period.

What might you expect?

Due to weather constraints during a course, a 10 continuous training period is not always
achievable. If weather does ground the training for too long a new date will be determined to
suite all involved. Usually a 10 day training period could take place over an extended 15-20 day
period for completion or alternate dates as organized by your instructor to ensure that
everyone can benefit.
If a student takes longer than the required course time, he or she is welcome to join in on
courses that continue for new groups at other training locations.
Our main training site is located at Nirvana Africa located on the Umhloti Nature Reserve 10km
outside Nelspruit. The location provides 4 star accommodation options at affordable prices.
Alternatively we do have multiple accommodation options in the area and close to the
secondary fields we use.

Nirvana Country House
Contact nr
073 670 6643

Training at other locations:

Our instructor Eugene Cussons can organize training events if more than 3 students can be
confirmed at the locations for the course. Costing for the travel and stay of the instructor is at his
own expense.

A note from the chief instructor:

Every student that signs up should expect a transfer of knowledge that does not include just the
basics of flight, but also the abilities to deal with real world flying conditions a pilot could
My approach to powered flight has been to understand its limitations and to contribute towards
its design in order for the it to become safer. For the past 6 years I have been part of the Nirvana
family, using the equipment in the most testing of conditions during conservation observation
and anti-poaching flights. This meant flying over various terrain, encountering a wide variety of
changing weather conditions and pushing the boundaries of PPG flight as the tasks
required taking off in difficult places and landing in unprepared places.
Our goal as a school is to make sure that instructors are involved that have real world experience
to contribute to an already stellar curriculum as I believe our students will be more prepared to
deal with difficult situations when they arise and use the equipment to its full capability without
I have done 3 Icarus races and finished on the podium each time and I did this without taking
exceptional risk. My goal, and that of my fellow instructors, will be to transfer as much of our
accumulated knowledge on real world flying as we can and thereby making better pilots with
warranted confidence.
We hope that you join our training courses and we look forward to making a great pilot out of


Eugene Cussons
Nirvana North America/Africa