FC4 Cable Upgrade

FC4 Cable Upgrade

There is no doubt that the FC4 Helmet is one of the best modular helmet designs on the market. This being said, we have had numerous requests to have the factory iCom cable upgraded to eliminate any possible loss of connection.

Nirvana Africa has created and tested a simple After Market kit to assist clients.
  • Step 1: Fit both plug points with 'shrink wrap'.
  • Step 2: Apply heat from lighter or firematch evenly over the 'shrink wrap' until it is tightly fit over each individual plug point.
  • Step 3: Repeat process with second layer of 'Shrink Wrap'.
  • Step 4: Insert into radio to make sure both plugs are a 'snug fit' and make contact with each other on the wrap.
  • Step 5: Use insulation tape to bind the plugs together.
  • Step 6: Test with radio to ensure connection.

Note: Make sure that excess 'Shrink Wrap' is cleared from the front contact points so there is no contact problem with radio when inserted.
Pre-made kits can be ordered from Nirvana Africa if required. Technical assistance always available.

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