Carburetors. The Nirvana Africa team had the privilege of visiting Nirvana in Czech Republic for maintenance training. Our team had a chance to give feedback on operating issues in Africa and Nirvana could in turn give valuable insight into solving problems. One of the most important issues that we spent plenty of time on is the Carburetor. One of the most common issues pilots experience when flying regularly at various altitudes in Southern Africa, is the difficulty in correctly setting the carburetor so that problems such as rough running, low power and in extreme cases, piston damage, could be avoided. Here are some notes worth taking note of:

  • Membrane kits must be adapted by Nirvana Service Dealers before installation in order for correct function.
  • Once standard settings have been applied to carburetor, the engine idle must be set to 2800RPM before fine tuning is applied.
  • The High Setting marked as ‘H’ on your carburetor should NEVER be set lower than a full turn on the NS230. A common cause for ‘heat seizure’ is due to the setting have been set below 1 full turn AND simultaneously having the idle running at less than 2800RPM.
  • A common mistake to make on tuning is for the ‘H’ setting to be used to fine tune the engine performance. In actual fact the ‘L’ setting should be used for fine tuning up to 4800 RPM at which point the ‘H’ setting comes into affect.
  • REMEMBER that clockwise turning of the ‘L’ and ‘H’ screw respectively CLOSES the carburetor and turning anti-clockwise OPENS the carburetor. A visual inspection will confirm this easily with the spring clearly decreasing in size with the turning of a screw.

Regional dealers
If you feel unclear about any of the above while setting your engine please call your regional dealer. PLEASE NOTE: Third party service centers do claim to have qualifications in servicing Nirvana Paramotors. Nirvana Pilots should realize that any technician that is not current (post 2014 Nirvana qualification) on changes on parts, servicing, installation techniques and adaptations to Simonini parts, represents a inherent safety risk to you and the longevity of your Nirvana.


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