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Little do most pilots realize how much work goes into the creations they fly. We see the visual candy with most manufacturers doing their best to design and color their machines to be visually appealing but the technical design challenges is what eludes most.


Whilst some PPG manufacturers have seen the future moving towards smaller engines, reduced weight and lower tech. Nirvana has gone a different route by maintaining high horse power through longer stroke thus reducing operating temperature. Constant Research and Development produces advancements in electronics which brings PPG closer to conventional aircraft. The new Ranger 1.3 specification is undoubted one of the best specification machines boasting the following abilities:

1. Light weight at 27kg whilst still carrying 230cc of engine capacity translating to an abundance of power. 80 kg thrust does not come at a compromise as operating temperature remains low. Pilots can make use of full thrust for as long as they see fit such as in high climbing rates or long endurance flights maintained on full speed system,
2. The Carburetor heater design is unique and ensures smooth operation in cold temperatures as experienced during long descends using minimal power during cold temperatures (Also known as deicing)
3. Nirvana is the ONLY manufacturer is the world that produces expensive molded skeleton/body designs which increases comfort and reduces vibration. Most manufacturers simply cannot duplicate this and focus their manufacturing on alternative lower cost designs using CNC metal skeletons.
4. The single button ignition system. Arguably the most distinctive feature is the single button incorporating both start and stop functions. Pilots don’t have to take their hands off the control toggles during landing which is a life saving feature in the event of abort landing procedure (it happens more than you think)
5. The ECU is also an advancement which gives the Nirvana diagnostic as well as single ignition and stop functions. The introduction of robust electronics enables plenty forward moving developments!
6. For the biggest move to date: Nirvana introduces a management system unlike any other. Many third party installations offer instrumentation features but nothing like a system that is factory built and boasting almost all critical features of conventional aircraft gauges. The Ngadget 3 gives Head Temp, Exhaust Gas Temp, RPM and diagnostic info. The main feature however is fuel usage giving the liter per hour, and current fuel level. These features are all displayed on one central ergonomically designed screen. Most third party fitments include systems installed which are not customized for the PPG and the result is inaccurate information and the visibly undesirable protrusion of wires. With the factory installed NGadget 3 all wires and components are hidden within the skeleton with only the screen wire visible.

The new tech is once again a game changer with PPG pilots being able to plan and manage their flight like never before!

When considering entering PPG aviation the biggest consideration should be the safety of everyone involved. Low cost designs equal marginal safety.

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Time flies! And so does the development of new technology. Older glider technology meant that Trike machines needed excessive power to get tandem payload airborne. The advent of the Orca XX breathes new life into a winner of a concept.

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