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Little do most pilots realize how much work goes into the creations they fly. We see the visual candy with most manufacturers doing their best to design and color their machines to be visually appealing but the technical design challenges is what eludes most.


Nirvana Aero Estate All brands of PPG are welcome to visit and use our facilities for the foreseeable future. Although proudly Nirvana, we support other brands in the market place and would like to create en environment conducive to PPG as a sport.

Owners of Nirvana paramotors automatically qualify for XC event participation and are registered within the ‘Nirvana Africa XC club’. Pilots and owners of other PPG brands must apply for membership as the safety of each participant is our main concern and the capabilities of each brand of machine must be factored in order for XC organizers to maintain a high level of safety and success.

The fly-in estate that plans to be a one-of-a-kind development will most likely be at a certain phase of construction if you plan to visit within the next 20 months. Our T/O and LZ field will be kept open to all visiting pilots and we will do our best to accommodate. Eugene Cussons will host you during your visit and ensure that you have the very best flying experience possible.

Our local instructor Anton Naude is extremely professional and more than a decade of experience in both PG and PPG training. His services must be booked in advance. It is important for visiting pilots to know that even though you might still only have a Student License qualification, you are allowed to participate in XC flights at Nirvana Estate as long as its under the supervision of a instructor.

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Time flies! And so does the development of new technology. Older glider technology meant that Trike machines needed excessive power to get tandem payload airborne. The advent of the Orca XX breathes new life into a winner of a concept.

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