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Little do most pilots realize how much work goes into the creations they fly. We see the visual candy with most manufacturers doing their best to design and color their machines to be visually appealing but the technical design challenges is what eludes most.


GENERATION NOW MOVEMENT The Generation Now Movement Non-Profit entity was established in 2013 with the sole purpose of developing technologies that might enable conservation entities to be more effective in performing their daily tasks and hopefully, get one step ahead of the poachers that decimate endangered species populations”

The organization simultaneously started work on new technologies whilst working on fund raising programs that would inspire trust and avoid donor fatigue. This is primarily the reason why Eugene Cussons founding member of Generation Now, funded the organizations project developments from private funds and made use of a passionate volunteers to establish the infrastructure that would be activated once Generation Now could prove to the world that it has solutions with a track record to back it up.

The Generation Now Movement still intends to activate the ‘Green Line’ project when it can be implemented without eroding donor funds that could be better invested in the current solutions that have been developed by the team.

After 2-years of non stop development time the first technology was launch in February of 2017 with the unveiling of the Nirvana Ranger – the culmination of years of deployment of Nirvana Powered Para gliders and Dudek Para gliders in the toughest conditions Africa has to over to help project Rhino’s in Southern Africa. It was an aggressive testing ground as both the pilots and the equipment had to be deployed in a active poaching zone where poachers where armed with fully automatic rifles and the prepared to use them. Over a 2-year period with hundreds of cumulative flying hours the experienced gained was constantly relayed to Nirvana and resulted in the development of the Nirvana Ranger, the first dedicated conservation PPG aircraft.

The first Generation Now Movement Project:

Quick Facts:
1. During the 2-years of using PPG in the Manyeleti Game Reserve, not a single incident or accident was recorded. The same cannot be said for several conventional fixed wing aircraft and rotary aircraft that had crash landed in the same or surrounding area.
2. The development of the Ranger included accessories tailored to the Nirvana Instinct Harness. These accessories include body armor, moving map display navigation, Rifle Mounts, Assault Rifle mount, professional camera stowage, clothing and state of the art communication equipment integrated into the newly designed FC5 helmet.
3. Flight duration of more than 2-hours.
4. Larger engine, providing more thrust at lower temperatures in order to increase safety and provide longevity.
5. Nirvana Systems in conjunction with the engineers of a prominent Czech University developed ground breaking technology to would allow for a one start/stop electric start ignition button in order for the Ranger pilot to restart the engine in the case of possible overshooting of a small landing zone in the bush.
6. Survival equipment bag attachment to increase survivability in case of emergency out landing.
7. De-icing to allow travelling scientists, ecologists and conservationists to operate from the frigate temperatures of the Arctic to the souring humid temperatures of the equator.
8. High Hang points allows for easy access to gear and seamless use of gear such as professional cameras that have large magnification lenses.
9. High body position gives the pilot unprecedented movement of his or her legs for landing and take off.
10. Under seat reserve chute increase safety when flying low over terrain that has an abundance of bird life (in case of canopy collapse due to bird strike)

Conservation at work:
1. The Dudek Universal Glider combined with the Ranger will allow for short take-off distances and slow landing speeds.
2. Extremely reactive glider ideal for flying in turbulent weather conditions. The Dudek Universal glider is legendary when it comes to its reflex ability.
3. The ability photograph, track or utilize specialized equipment as part of conservation duties. Once on a steady flight path, the pilot can return toggle to zero position and have both hands free to use equipment e.g. photographing animals.
4. Flying below 150ft is safer than ever when considering the deployment time of the reserve chute.
5. Reduced noise levels due to 3-blade propeller system and ‘Silencer Airbox’ allows for less disturbance to animals when flying low lever for observation.
6. Economical Fuel use with faster than ever gliders allow working conservationists to commute between places that have no airfields.
7. Keep track of specific animals has never been easier. The Ranger is a cost efficient method to observe from the air for hours without wastage of time to travel by vehicle or the unrealistic costing of conventional aircraft.

The Generation Now Movement has its own website and social media platforms that will be launched in the coming year once other influencing factors have been put in place. More technologies have also been developed and are currently being field tested and will form part of holistic solution approach Generation Now is working on.

Eugene Cussons: “The solution to reversing the demise of the world’s endangered species does not lie with inspiring words or a single technological innovation, it lies with the implementation of a combination of new technologies, proven techniques and an unyielding human will to succeed”

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Time flies! And so does the development of new technology. Older glider technology meant that Trike machines needed excessive power to get tandem payload airborne. The advent of the Orca XX breathes new life into a winner of a concept.

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