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Little do most pilots realize how much work goes into the creations they fly. We see the visual candy with most manufacturers doing their best to design and color their machines to be visually appealing but the technical design challenges is what eludes most.


Our Wings Nirvana Africa wholeheartedly supports the Dudek range of wings. As an industry leader, Dudek has once again made history with its latest range. Dudek has built a reputation as one of the premium suppliers of paraglider wings in the world – the introduction of wings such as the Universal and the WRC Nucleon have made them the benchmark.

Hadron XX

The Hadron XX is a truly unique and revolutionary wing. The new technology incorporated into this design will undoubtedly reshape Powered Paragliding Wing Design in the future. It is a fast and agile wing offering plenty of lift, as well as comfy handling. Its domains are classic paramotor competitions, long routes, slaloms and thermalling.

For the first time we used the AAerodynamic Flaps System – our innovative idea for easy take-off and landing even at high altitudes, as well as better use of thermal lift. The Hadrons in nature are tiny elementary particles, which speeded up can carry gigantic amounts of energy. Rest assured that in this case the name of the paraglider exactly reflects its “personality”.

It cannot be emphasized enough how different this Glider is from competing products – For the first time you can have a wing that will give you easy and relatively slow take-off and landing speeds (this is a particularly import for pilots that fly at HIGH ALTITUDE. With Flap Settings open and Trims open this wing can give a top speed of 75km/hr +/-5km/hr. Experienced pilots are use to “compromise in the form of fast flying equals fast landings, this wing breaks all stereotypes with no compromises”.

“If your a Nirvana fan you will be happy to know that the new Nirvana Color scheme is the most beautiful ever produced by the company. Here is a first look.

Nucleon XX Not quite ready for the Hadron yet? The Nucleon XX is your Glider!. More agile and with a faster take-off this model is “dedicated for the cross-country pilots”, middle echelon of competitors and weekend sight-seers. It is stable, safe, agile and very agreeable in steering.

A key feature is the Shark Nose profile, guaranteeing high pressure in “cell intakes area” ( which equals better safety) in full speed/angle of attack range. Also the 3D ballooning was taken into account even more precisely than earlier wings.

At high speeds the paraglider can be very precisely steered with new, improve, light TST handle. The Nucleon WRC is one of the best selling wings in South Africa and with the advancements made in this design the only compromise that you will have in your choice over the Nucleon WRC is a small reduction in top speed. However, with this compromise in mind you still gain advantages in the areas of faster/more stable take-off and a smaller aspect ratio.

The Nirvana color scheme is truly electrifying!

NUCLEON WRC Nucleon WRC is the essence of reflex profile in a new costume, applying Flexi Edge technology. The paraglider is designed both for recreational flyers and record/trophy hunters. Fast and agile like none other in its class. Perfect inflation and launch. This is a top drawer gear; the canopy is stable and safe both when flown at minimal and top speeds, with effective speedsystem and trims, precise steering and great agility. It is built to last, so that enormous forces generated in intensive use will not distort the profile over time.

Universal Still leading the pack in South African sales when it come to “Dudek Gliders”, this wing has become extremely popular with individuals that use paramotoring as part of their work tasks. Used by military, ranchers, professional hunters, special game breeders, farmers, site planners to mention just a few careers, the wing has a great speed range and is extremely easy for take-off and ‘spot’ landings. If you are a career professional that needs to get airborne, this is the “wing of choice” for you that will see you through from ‘Beginner’ to ‘Sport Pilot’.

Report Air The Report Air is the result of years of development to create a working class glider for professionals. Law Enforcement, Conservationists and especially Photographers will be drawn to this glider because of this stability. The elements of this glider gives the pilot the ability to give less input and work with both hands on equipment during flight. To handle cameras during flight is no longer a problem and photographers can focus on getting that perfect shot!

Special Colors
Special Colors: Change the colors of your glider to make your own and unique design for only an additional 15% added to your price.

New at Nirvana Africa ®crossover

Time flies! And so does the development of new technology. Older glider technology meant that Trike machines needed excessive power to get tandem payload airborne. The advent of the Orca XX breathes new life into a winner of a concept.

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