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Little do most pilots realize how much work goes into the creations they fly. We see the visual candy with most manufacturers doing their best to design and color their machines to be visually appealing but the technical design challenges is what eludes most.


NIRVANA is your gateway to one of the safest and most adventurous forms of aviation. Respected as a brand, tested in the field and proven by the Nirvana family of professional aviators – the entire range of Nirvana products will open up a new and exciting world of adventure aviation for you. Whether you are an aspiring pilot or a professional that will not settle for anything but the best.
The Nirvana brand is represented in both the racing arena and the recreational cross-country flying category. As Nirvana Africa we are confident that our machines are industry leaders when it comes to endurance, reliability, safety and durability. Join our competent crew and community of aviators as we continue to push the boundaries of personal flight on the African landscape.
“Worth more than just pictures and statements of support – Nirvana Africa is the only PPG company in South Africa that has a dedicated team of pilots flying anti-poaching missions for park authorities (integrated into the ‘mission control’ of Kruger National Park). Over the past 2 years both Nirvana and Nirvana Africa have made good on their pledge to use the technology to win the fight against endangered specie poaching, with special focus on the Rhino. Special development has gone into giving the Nirvana Raptor Pilot the ability to have integrated communication platforms, body armor for protection, survival/medical gear for worst case scenarios and tactical fitments for rifles and smoke grenades. Already proven and tested in the field after hundreds of hours of deployment, Nirvana Africa will launch its Project Raptor to the public within the coming weeks – watch this space”

For the Long Range Professional The Nirvana instinct is the flagship model in the Nirvana Paramotor Range. With a 14-liter fuel tank, 130cm propeller length and cage combined with anti-torque struts and aerodynamic airflow body design- the Instinct is unbeatable.

The Instinct is a project of design celebration. As a modular design new parts are constantly designed to improve airflow and anti-torque. Most machines have no anti-torque compensation but for a few such as the Czech built Scout paramotor. Nirvana however has multiple anti-torque systems that work at low speed all the way up to full velocity. The first system standard to the high-hang point Instinct is the anti-torque belt and the second is the Twist Air Strut design ordered as ‘optional’. The systems are designed to give zero ‘cage roll’ or ‘torque roll’ as it’s known, during take-off and flight. With limited airflow over the struts the anti-torque belt ensures best performance during take-off whist the Twistair Struts has a greater effect at cruise or to gain higher speeds on high performance gliders since less counter trim is required. The anti-torque belt not only provides a zero cage roll during take-off but also gives the pilot the ability to move around in his seat for purposes unrelated to flying such as photography and aerial observation. With weight-shift systems, the pilot would have to limit movement or suffer the consequences of heading drift. Three different propeller options are also available and these give the pilot the chance to select his/her level of thrust required. With the Blue Line Racing props the pitch is very shallow allowing for maximum RPM and is best for pilots that require max power as in racing or quick take-offs or large payload pickups. The Orange Line is a mid pitch option and gives the best of a shallow or deep pitch options and intended for everyday Sport Pilots. The Green Line option is for pilots that need a low noise and high fuel efficiency option. The fuel efficiency can increase to 500ml per hour on this option alone!

These are just some of the points that make the Nirvana unique for long range flying.
Be sure to contact your dealer if you have any questions on the different models!
For the Working Pilot – Ranger The Nirvana Ranger might be made in Czech Republic, but the conception of the machine originates from Africa where tough working tasks need to get done. With Game Rangers, Farmers, Working Professionals and Military requiring a tougher frame, lightweight design but still combined with strong thrust – the Ranger was born to fill the gab.

The Ranger borrows some of the characteristics of the Instinct such as single ignition, ergonomic throttle, comfortable long range flying harness and the ‘silencer’ box to quiet the engine by a few decibels.

This is where the relation ends, for the Ranger integrates a new strategy with new technologies. The high center of gravity and smaller fuel tank provides more leg movement for the pilot to handle tougher terrain for the take-off and landing. The Silencer box has an clever integrated deicing system that directs hot air from the exhaust to the air intake which allows for longer glides at zero degree temperatures. The 3-blade pulse prop combined with this design produces a easier take-off with most pilots describing the effect as a ‘punch thrust’ with the faster RPM producing a strong initial ‘push’ for takeoff.

The Ngadget 3 instruments give pilots a great idea of the operating temperature and already allows for future integrations of fuel level and fuel use coming soon.

The Ranger has tactical already fixed on the harness which allows Rangers and other military personnel to fit their rifles for use in the field. Nirvana Africa assists professionals in making safe adjustments to their gear using hundreds of hours of testing my the development team.
For the record books – The FLight The Nirvana F-Light has established itself as the lightest and most capable paramotor to date with astounding fuel economy figures and engine tolerance tests.

Within days of its debut the F-Light 200cc participated in the Icarus Trophy where it completed the 1000-mile challenge in ‘showroom’ condition. The most astonishing result of the race was that the F200 posted fuel consumption figures of 2,7 liters per hour making it the most economical paramotor in the race by more than 50%. In fact, over the 1000-mile journey, its pilot only had to refuel the main and reserve tank twice!

The research and development ethos of Nirvana has been to develop a paramotor that can find the best combination of fuel economy, weight, power and comfort for Cross-Country racing. With the F200, Nirvana has achieved this seeming impossible task.

Lightest 200cc in the world @ 20kg,
Most economic consumption @ 2,3 – 2,7 liters per hour
Electric Start with revolutionary lightweight battery/starter
Full Carbon Fiber Skeleton with 10liter tank,
Electronically controlled engine with ‘One Start/Stop ignition’ button
Travel friendly designed fit into airliner baggage requirements
Backpack transformation turning from PPG into comfortable backpack for walking and traveling
Low hangpoint with anti-torque struts
Full diagnostic computer with Head Temp, Exhaust Gas Temp and RPM,

The F200 has proven to be the future of cross country powered paragliding.

New at Nirvana Africa ®crossover

Time flies! And so does the development of new technology. Older glider technology meant that Trike machines needed excessive power to get tandem payload airborne. The advent of the Orca XX breathes new life into a winner of a concept.

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