Flying Unlimited Flight School


Fly for fun or become an xplorer of the wild sky with Flying Unlimited.  This convenient form of aviation will have you at cloudbase where you can experience pure aviation paradise at a fraction of the cost of an aircraft.  Powered paragliding adventures begin with a portable aircraft that fits into the boot of your car.  Fly n style and become a member of our exclusive skytribe at grasslands field where sunrise and sunset flights beckon the imagination and flying truly becomes unlimited.

We are the distributor and dealer for: SpiderworX , Nirvana Paramotors, Dudek Paragliders, Fresh Breeze, Ozone Paragliders, Icaro, Skywalk Paragliders, ITV, Apco Aviation products and many more.

Grassland Sport Facility, home of SA’s Best, 11 SA team pilots and also the home of the NEW SA’s “Spider” PPG



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